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Artful workshops with Rachela & Jenne

Finding the Light: A Soulful Art Journey

Using mixed media, writing, conversation and collective inspiration, we will create playful expressive art and thoughtful reflections. Come practice how to find the light in all situations and challenges. 


Take time to honour your playful, resilient, creative side!

June 26  from 1-2:30pm 

Located Canopy Art & Wellness, 1723 9th Street SW Calgary AB  $35 per workshop

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Workshop series for teens or kids with Christy

For some, the space between the present and future events can result in anxiety. Uncertainty can be difficult—filled with all kinds of what-ifs. Learn art-based strategies to combat anxiety that can cause one to feel worried.

Explore Kids or Teens workshop series or if you are a teacher or community organizer looking for a custom workshop please contact Christy.

Wheel of the Year with Andrea

Connect into a year of personal growth workshops inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Follow the natural cycles of nature and learn about yourself by attuning to the 8 spokes of the year which correspond to the solstices, equinoxes, and midpoints in between. We will explore through guided visualizations, writing, and art activities. Sign up for 1 or all 5!

June 15, 2024  1 - 3 pm

August 3, 2024  1 - 3 pm

September 21, 2024  1 - 3 pm

Nov 2, 2024   1 - 3 pm

December 14, 2024   1 - 3 pm

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